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Videos in Online Training I New HR Explainer Videos

Videos certainly have their place in the training and learning world. In our recently launched compliance series, we created two types of videos:

  • Real Play‘ – these simulate potential real-world interactions
  • Explainer videos – these summarise key information and engage the learner with relevant on-screen graphics

At eCompliance Training, we have received great feedback on both types of videos, which were produced by our friends at WEMOV. WEMOV have just launched a series of HR Explainer videos that cover a range of topics across the HR lifecycle and critical compliance areas.

The videos offer a key tool for

  • Just-In-Time learning
  • Integration into eLearning
  • A broader communications or learning program

Check out a sample video here.
Download a brochure here.

The videos can be easily and economically modified to reflect your organisation’s branding or specific policies and procedures. Click here to see how they work.

We think these are great – and no doubt we will be using them in programs we produce.


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