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E Learning Content Development

Discover Learning Designs knows that content is king. Especially when it comes to e learning content development. More than having the latest source materials, the content should be of high quality from a technical standpoint, such as the video production values, the interactive components, the graphics used, etc.

Responsiveness is the key to developing e learning content. We develop our e learning content that will look great across digital platforms as they adapt, or respond, to any device the learner will use to access them online. This also gives us the creative freedom to deliver our online lessons in a more interactive manner like how modern websites are unlike the traditional slide-based e learning of decades past.

While DLD does not shy away from the most basic types of e learning materials like PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audiovisual presentations, and the like, we use them as our inspiration to create learning programs that are more effective, engaging, and highly interactive for the learners. Guided by the principles of Discovery Learning, our e learning content development promotes learning by using interactive elements throughout the course. These interactive elements may include but are not limited to accordions, flashcards, sorting activities, and the like.


Knowledge Checks and Assessments

Knowledge checks and assessments are included in the development of our e learning content. These are low-stress assessment tools designed to measure the knowledge levels of the learners before and after the training. They provide awareness for the learners of how much they have learned from the materials as well as what gaps they need to work on.

Regardless of the frequency of these checks and assessments, the objective is to gauge the effectiveness of the e learning materials and help the learners understand them. Checks and assessments also give us insights into what parts of the e learning materials need to be improved on, revised, or even scrapped, to further aid the learners in better understanding the course.

Some of the knowledge checks and assessments that can be used include but are not limited to multiple choice, scenarios, fill in the blanks, and matching type. Parameters can be specified by any of the following: passing score, require passing score to continue, quiz retries, randomised questions, shuffled answer choices, feedback on correct and incorrect answers, and many more.

Results of the assessments are recorded in your organisation’s learning management system if enabled, while knowledge checks are not.


About Discover Learning Designs

Founded in 2007, Discover Learning Designs is an eLearning company providing instructional design services to many companies across a variety of industries throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We provide our services to registered training organisations as well as develop AQTF-compliant and accredited learning materials. With close to 20 years of industry experience in consulting, instructional design development, and e-Learning, DLD has become the go-to training provider of many companies across Australia. With DLD, our engaging and reflective application-based workplace learning programs and materials provide a pleasant, practical, and memorable journey for the learners.

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