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E Learning in Training and Development

E learning in training and development has become an indispensable part of the human resource development of every company. And Discover Learning Designs is your indispensable partner in crafting engaging, reflective, and application-based workplace learning programs and training materials that enable and empower your employees by developing their abilities, honing their skills, and enhancing their knowledge to become the best they can be and help your company achieve its objectives and reap its rewards.

DLD helps enhance the employee engagement programs of your company. While traditional training and development has offered employee engagement, the use of digital technology has become intrinsically embedded in the materials being used in it that if not harnessed properly, will become stagnant the way other learning materials have become, i.e. PowerPoint presentations, audiovisual presentations, and the like. With DLD, e learning in training and development becomes dynamic, guided by the principles of Discovery Learning that fosters interactive learning throughout the course.


The Benefits of E Learning in Training and Development

While many would think that e learning is a costly endeavour as opposed to having face-to-face and instructor-led training, that is not the case. More than enhancing the traditional training methods, e learning in training and development has many benefits, and here are just some of them:

Convenience and Adaptability. DLD makes all of its e learning materials adaptive to all digital platforms. E learning is now more convenient and adaptable as learners can access the course anytime, anywhere, on any device! And because DLD harnesses the responsive capabilities of many digital platforms, the e learning materials retain their interactive flavour whether they’re using laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Knowledge Retention. More than the employee retention that the company’s training and development presents to every employee in terms of career advancement, it’s been proven that knowledge retention is better when employees experience e learning through Discovery Learning methodologies which we use in our e learning training materials. It is essentially learning by doing and nothing increases knowledge retention when you put into practice what is being taught.

Cost Effectiveness. Essentially, e learning is a more cost-effective way of training your employees. Fees for instructors are minimised, as well as food and transportation and the use of training facilities. Training cost varies depending on many factors but at the end of the day, e learning is very cost-effective. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion.


About Discover Learning Designs

Founded in 2007, Discover Learning Designs is an eLearning company providing instructional design services to many companies across a variety of industries throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We provide our services to registered training organisations as well as develop AQTF-compliant and accredited learning materials. With close to 20 years of industry experience in consulting, instructional design development, and e-Learning, DLD has become the go-to training provider of many companies across Australia. With DLD, our engaging and reflective application-based workplace learning programs and materials provide a pleasant, practical, and memorable journey for the learners.

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