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E-Learning Courseware Development

E-learning courseware development is essential to your company’s human resource development programs. That’s why we at Discover Learning Designs create highly engaging and totally reflective application-based workplace training programs and materials. We develop the courseware by addressing your business needs and goals, creating an interactive learning experience that is both enriching and thoughtful for your employees after considering their current skillsets, behaviours, and knowledge.

This is made possible by closely working with you prior to the e-learning courseware development. We want to identify and confirm the kind of training courses your personnel will need to develop them further. By doing this, the e-learning that they will go through can easily be absorbed and imbibed by the learners, especially when knowledge checks and assessments are in place throughout the e-learning materials to measure their retention levels.


What is E-Learning Courseware Development?

E-Learning Courseware development is the design and creation of suitable training materials electronically or digitally for instructional and learning purposes. At DLD, the e-learning courseware development starts after having a series of alignment meetings with you. This is to ensure that the materials that we will produce are of high quality from a technical standpoint, such as the video production values, the interactive components, the graphics used, etc.

We can create e-learning solutions that also reflect your company’s style guides and branding. And if you have your own learning management system, we will ensure that the creation of the e-learning materials meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2) and can be produced in SCORM 1.2, 2004 and Tin Can compliant files so you can deploy them in the system.

The e-learning materials that we create are very responsive. Meaning, they are interactive and will work on any device without sacrificing the integrity of the UX and UI. Some of the interactive elements that we can include are the following:

  • Accordion
  • Flashcards
  • Process
  • Sorting Activity
  • Tabs
  • many more

Knowledge checks and assessments like multi-choice questions, matching, fill in the blanks, and more can also be incorporated. You can also specify the parameters you want to use for your checks and assessments such as passing score, requiring a passing score to continue, retrying of quizzes, randomised questions, shuffled answer choices, and many more.


About Discover Learning Designs

Founded in 2007, Discover Learning Designs is an eLearning company providing instructional design services to many companies across a variety of industries throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We provide our services to registered training organisations as well as develop AQTF-compliant and accredited learning materials. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes consultation for delivery, implementation and evaluation of program effectiveness, short term contract placements, or other flexible engagement models.

With close to 20 years of industry experience in consulting, instructional design development, and e-Learning, DLD has become the go-to training provider of many companies across Australia. With DLD, our engaging and reflective application-based workplace learning programs and materials provide a pleasant, practical, and memorable journey for the learners.

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