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Our Approach to eLearning and Digital Learning

Online or eLearning is appealing to many organisations due to its reach, low resource requirements and flexibility in both time and place. Whilst the cost of producing eLearning programs may be more expensive that traditional classroom-based training, the delivery costs are often significantly lower. The cost of development can vary greatly, depending on the level of interactivity, complexity and customisation.

We use a variety of authoring tools to ensure our eLearning solutions meet our client’s needs.

The approach we take to eLearning depends on time, budget and the impact of the proposed program. For ease, we have three levels we use as a starting point.

  1. Rapid Development
  2. Adaptive
  3. Bespoke

Level 1: Rapid Development

When applying the Rapid Development Model, we use a rapid authoring tool to quickly and economically convert content, typically PPT to eLearning. If you require a basic program for low impact projects (e.g. to inform staff of a small change), but require the ability to track participant completion, this level may be suitable for your needs. With this eLearning development level we typically convert existing PPT content to eLearning and add a basic quiz or assessment. This makes it an efficient and economical solution. As this is the most basic of the three levels, interactive elements are limited.

Online Instructional Design Course Devices

Organisations have used this model to ensure employees have read and understood basic workplace policies, changes, procedures and documents, such as:

  • Safety notices/memos
  • Site inductions
  • Legislative or policy changes
  • Product updates

Indicative price: from $1,000 for a 30 minute course

See examples here.

Level 2: Adaptive

Our most popular level of eLearning, the Adaptive level, is used to produce attractive and engaging online learning solutions that incorporate multimedia and interactive elements to enrich the learner’s experience. At this level the courses adapt to any device in a similar way to a modern website. We recommend this solution for moderate impact projects or for those who desire to achieve a sleek modern user friendly course.

Image of eLearning by Discover Learning Designs

We have developed programs for clients on a variety of content matters including:

  • Software introductions
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Communication and Emotional Intelligence
  • Health
  • FMCG Sales
  • Equal Employment Opportunity, Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)
  • Workplace Privacy

Indicative price: From $4,000 for a 30 minute course

See examples here.

Level 3: Bespoke

For higher impact projects where budget and time allows, this solution builds on the Adaptive level by incorporating bespoke elements such as gamification, branching scenarios, infographics and customised videos. These features engage participants and can deepen their understanding by making strong, contextualised connections to the real world, enriching learning.


Working with our partners we develop customised videos to deliver or contextualise content visually. We also have used live actors and animation to simulate real to life scenarios or events.

Software Simulations

We create interactive software simulations to demonstrate key functions and operations. Interactivity capability allows users to practice the tasks, to ensure they have the understanding and skills to implement their learning in the workplace. View our Interactive Software Simulation Showcase here.

Customised infographics

Customised infographics help learners understand complex concepts using visual elements.

Blended Learning

For high impact projects, we suggest a blended solution that incorporates a variety of learning experiences. These do not necessarily need to be face-to-face facilitator-led workshops. Activities can be embedded throughout the program that require participants to research, investigate, work with a mentor/buddy, apply their learning in the workplace or complete a project, then report back to their online trainer or acknowledge they have completed the activities within the program. These strategies enhance the transfer of learning to the workplace, whilst maintaining the convenience of delivering the content no matter the time or place.

Indicative price: From $8,000 for a 30 minute course.

See examples here.

Who We Have Worked With

Influences on Cost

Costs can vary quite substantially based on:

  • length of course
  • the availability and quality of source material
  • number and quality of interactive elements
  • number and quality of videos, graphics and other multimedia
  • number of rounds of edits

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What Our Customers Say

DLD consistently exceeds our expectations. Their learner-focused approach have turned made programs fun and effective! We’ve received outstanding feedback from the participants. Thanks DLD!


I’m so happy to have found Discover Learning Designs to design and develop our bespoke learning program. We wanted to create a program consisting of online learning, face-to-face workshops and on-the-job training. DLD aced it! We’re extremely happy with the end product.


DLD was a pleasure to work with – excellent communication, great attention to detail, fantastic ideas for hands-on engaging learning whilst meeting our tight deadlines. We are looking forward to working with DLD on future projects.


We appreciate DLD’s ability to create engaging and interactive eLearning programs with tight turn arounds. I always feel relaxed with DLD on board, knowing our program’s in good hands.


eLearning Samples

Click on the links below to try an interactive eLearning Program.

These programs will adapt to mobile, tablets and computers.  Once you have opened a course, you can test this out by pasting the URL into your preferred device.

To see the various features that could be incorporated throughout your eLearning program, view our sample extracts here.


Other Learning Technologies

Through our network of partners, Discover Learning Designs helps our clients with a range of technologies to assist in the management and delivery of workplace learning.

  • Mobile Learning Applications
  • Training Videos
  • Multimedia
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Pre built eLearning Courses

Learn more.

Compliance Training

eCompliance Training online learning logo

We provide a range of modern and effective online compliance programs, including:

You can purchase these programs to ensure your employees understand appropriate workplace behaviours, their role in health and safety and protecting information privacy.

We can tailor these compliance training programs to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

To learn more about eCompliance Training, visit

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