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Instructional Design Courses for your Organisation

Delivered via a tailored face-to-face workshop over one or two days. Please contact us for an individually tailored proposal.

Organisational licences for the Instructional Design Templates are included.

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Instructional Design Courses for your Organisation

Proven Methodology

The face to face course will draw on the ADDIE model of Instructional Design:

  1. Analyse
  2. Design
  3. Develop
  4. Implement
  5. Evaluate

By the end of the course, participants will not only have learned about Instructional Design, they will have applied the knowledge and skills to commence the creation of their own set of learning materials.

The Instructional Design course and template kit is suited to both those who are new to Instructional Design and those seeking to refine or specialise their skills.

The course will be delivered by a Senior Instructional Designer from Instructional Design Australia (IDA) and Discover Learning Designs (DLD).

Our Credentials

DLD and IDA are successful design consultancies.

  • We have been in the marketplace for over 10 years – established in 2007
  • We are commercially successful
  • Decades of combined expertise, investment and development time in our products

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For all your Instructional Design Course needs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra please call 1300 528 736 or make an online enquiry.

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