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The Choice E Learning Development Company

Discover Learning Designs is the choice e learning development company of many businesses when it comes to customised learning and development training programs. That’s because as an e learning development company, DLD puts its own spin and innovation to tried and tested training and development concepts but still focuses on the instructional design of highly engaging and totally reflective application-based workplace training programs and materials delivered online. This has made DLD a dynamic partner for every business looking to develop the potential of their employees.

DLD works closely with you to create programs that will address your company’s pain points. We identify the current skills, knowledge, and behaviours of your workforce and run them against the challenges your business is facing. As an e learning development company, we identify your training needs and align them with your business goals. We then develop training programs that target these pain points, creating a learning experience for your employees that is both enriching and thoughtful. The learning process now becomes more personalised, making it easy for learners to absorb and retain the knowledge and learning and put them to practice.


Putting Theory into Practice

Discovery Learning is one of the many approaches DLD uses in developing training materials. Basically, this method is putting theory into practice, learning by doing. It makes training a practical one and a pleasant experience for all as participants are encouraged to solve the problem at hand based on their own experiences and previous knowledge. It encourages critical thinking and creativity that makes the learning process memorable, where knowledge learned is retained.

Aside from being engagement-heavy, Discovery Learning is perfectly suited for collaborative activities. It emphasises teamwork, cohesion, and cooperation among participants. Participants are encouraged to analyse the data individually and as a group, with their individual experiences coming into play as they propose solutions. This exercise then encourages autonomous thinking, where the participants independently come up with solutions rather than depending on the company’s pre-defined solutions. As such, critical thinking is also exercised, where brainstorming becomes essential in coming up with the best possible solutions.

Where autonomous thinking is encouraged, participants develop a sense of ownership once they have put in their suggestions. And because they have different experiences, the ideas are free-flowing, pushing forth innovation and creativity in solving the problem. More than the engagement aspect of this approach, Discover Learning empowers the learners. They are pushed to proactively participate in thought and action, leveling up their skills rather than taking a back seat and waiting it out.

All of these happen online, through digital learning.


About Discover Learning Designs

Founded in 2007, Discover Learning Designs is an e learning development company that provides instructional design services to many companies across a variety of industries throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. We provide our services to registered training organisations as well as develop AQTF-compliant and accredited learning materials. With close to 20 years of industry experience in consulting, instructional design development, and e-Learning, DLD has become the go-to training provider of many companies across Australia.

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