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Experts in creating engaging, reflective and application-based workplace learning programs and materials.

Discover Learning Designs provides instructional design services – including learning needs analysis, project management, learning materials creation, eLearning and reviews – across a variety of industries throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. DLD also provides services to other workplace training organisations, including RTO’s, and develops AQTF-compliant accredited learning materials.

Working with DLD will enable your people to engage, learn and perform.

Discover Learning Designs Can Help You With:

Delivery Methods and Modalities

Blended learning

Get the best of both worlds - combine the personal touch of traditional classes with the flexibility of digital learning.


Convenient and engaging digital courses, leveraging multimedia, interactive experiences and simulations - accessible anytime, anywhere.

Face-to-face learning

Immersive workshops with dynamic discussions, hands-on activities, collaborative projects and real-time feedback.

Virtual and online learning

Live training sessions harnessing online tools like breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, real-time polls and quizzes, creating an interactive and collaborative learning environment.


Knowledge on the go, offering bite-sized lessons, interactive exercises, and seamless access to learning resources.


Access quick, on-the-spot learning through bite-sized modules, each designed to tackle a single concept or skill, allowing for efficient, focused learning.

Our Approach to Instructional Design

We draw on the ADDIE model of Instructional Design when delivering our instructional design service to clients across Australia. Watch the video below to learn more about how we apply the ADDIE model.

What We Create

Accredited training courseware

Learning materials, assessments, mapping documents, and Training and Assessment Strategies aligned to Australian Quality Training Framework.

Activity resources

A collection of materials that provide immersive and interactive learning experiences.

Case studies

Comprehensive explorations of specific cases, blending theory with practical insights.

Curriculum maps

Visual guides outlining course content and how each part contributes to the learning outcomes.

eLearning modules

Online courses offering in-depth coverage on specific subjects.

Embedding activity resources

Resources and activities designed to strengthen and solidify learning after formal training.

Evaluation tools

Tools designed to assess how well a training program is hitting its targets.

Facilitator guides and session plans

Guides for facilitators that make program delivery a breeze.

Feedback tools

Techniques to gather learner feedback, offering valuable insights for course refinement.

Gamified learning experiences

Tasks incorporating gaming elements to boost engagement and motivation.


Visuals that clarify concepts and enliven the educational content.

High level designs

Detailed plans outlining program topics, timelines, key activities, resources, assessment tools and evaluation strategies.


Graphically summarised information for quick and clear understanding.

Interactive simulations

Simulated settings for hands-on experience in a safe, controlled manner.

Job aids

Convenient resources or references to enhance task performance.

Leader kits

Assorted activities and guides for group reflections, designed to reinforce learning in a team setting.

Learner workbooks

Printed or digital booklets combining content, activities, and case studies to guide learners through the program.

Learning architecture

Graphical outlines depicting the structure and strategy of the end-to-end learning experience.

Learning pathways

A map, navigating learners through a sequence of content.


Compact learning segments for swift absorption and immediate application.

Peer pod activities

Small group activities promoting deeper understanding of content, collaboration and shared insights.


Podcasts featuring expert insights and practical advice.

Powerpoint presentations

Visually engaging presentations to complement instructor-led sessions.

Pre-work activities

Engage learners with initial activities such as brief readings or interactive online quizzes to set the stage for deeper learning.

Quick reference guides (QRG)

Handy, compact references providing key pointers and reminders.

Quizzes and assessments

Knowledge checks and tests to evaluate learning in line with intended outcomes.

Role-playing activities

Engaging, acted-out scenarios to practice real-life applications.

Scenario-based activities

Activities that mimic real-life scenarios to sharpen learners' decision-making skills.


Engaging, visual learning tools offering concise explanations, demonstrations and real-world examples for effective knowledge retention.


Interactive, topic-focused online video sessions, using breakout rooms, whiteboards and other online tools.

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We provide learning design and instructional design services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and South East Asia. Contact us today for an obligation-free conversation about your project.
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DLD has been a pleasure to work with, they exhibited a relaxed yet professional approach with strong communication and collaboration throughout the entirety of our project. They have provided excellent end products that provide the look, feel and usability we were looking for. DLD displayed strong attention to detail and consistency across several training modules while remaining very accommodating and flexible with mid-project changes and roadblocks.
The team’s ability to take basic content and produce well-polished end products has made project management an enjoyable experience.

NSW Department of Primary Industries

This course represents tremendous value for money, it’s really practical and gave me all the tools I need – following the process outlined is a great way to engender the confidence and support of stakeholders

Hugo L&D Consultant

The toolkit is fantastic – more detailed and hands-on than I expected. Not just theory information.

Simon Operations Manager

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